Professional software designed for all DJs

Cloud Music Management

Integrated management of
multiple music libraries

With rekordbox, you can manage different types of media from your hard drive, the cloud, streaming services, and music promotion services – all in one place.

*Supported streaming services vary by territory.

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Easy music prep and editing
with the mobile app

Libraries in the cloud can be accessed from multiple devices. So, when you set up cue points, edit grid information, or create a playlist on your mobile device while on the go, the changes are immediately reflected in your library in the cloud, which syncs with your Mac/Windows library to keep it up to date.

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Efficient music management for pro-level DJ performances


Intuitive interface, high-quality sound,
and slick design to maximize DJ performances

With high-quality audio processing equivalent to that of our flagship CDJs/DJMs, rekordbox delivers elite sound quality while offering rapid responsiveness and stable controls you can have confidence in.

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Highly accurate music analysis and
quick-loading library

Advanced analysis of all rhythmic patterns in each track to detect beat positions and instantly analyze phrases.


sec/1 track

High-quality sound design and responsive

rekordbox uses the same audio processing as our top CDJ/DJM units to achieve elite sound quality and responsive, stable control.

Slick layout

The GUI is simplified and information is arranged to ensure easy visibility. This means you can instantly get a visual grasp of a variety of data, including track information and performance status.

Superior design and user experience
for all DJ styles

rekordbox Cloud Library

One software, all DJ styles

Works with various setup styles and products, such as CDJs, XDJs, DJ controllers, and turntables.

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A comfortable and seamless DJ experience



Music analysis time*In-house research when using an M1 Mac with Cloud Analysis turned on.



min / 500 tracks

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